Care Advise

How to keep your BabyNest product beautiful!
Our knitted products are made from 100% Pure Merino wool, it’s been packed tightly for shipping so please allow time for it to plumb up when you unpack, if you need to you can place a finger behind each stich for a fuller look.

  • If it would be necessary for your product to be freshened up, it is primarily recommended that you only air it or taken do a laundry for dry cleaning.
  • If you should get a stain on your merino wool product, clean immediately!
    • For light soiling: Clean the stained area under running cold water. Once the stain is removed, gently squeeze out all of the water.
    • For heavy soiling: The product can be washed in a special wool program at a low temperature (20 °). The spin speed should be low. Use only suitable laundry detergents without fabric softener. 
    • Drying: Do not tumble dry. To dry, let the product on a flat surface. Flip it around a few times during the drying process.
    • Important: Washing won't damage the product, but it may lose some of its initial cloud-like fluffiness. It's also important not to twist the wool as it can lose its shape and structure.
  • We recommend that you protect the lining of your product  with a blanket to avoid staining or the baby pulling at the yarn.
  • Due to the wool being unspun you may over time experience some piling, this is perfectly normal and not a fault with the product. I can recommend very gentle removing any piling with your fingers or even a razor should you need to. We very slightly felt the wool before knitting so bobbling is kept to a minimum.
  • All use of the products are at your own risk. Never leave your child un-supervised when using the chunky knit baby/kids products.